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LASHPIRE® Magnetic Lash Kit

Finally it’s here!!

LASHPIRE® Magnetic Luxury Eyelash Kit is available INSTOCK

Special Launch Price at $39.90/Kit for LIMITED SETS

Gone are the days where lashes struggle to stick with typical lash glue and constantly fall off during the day, when you’re outside etc. Carry this compact eyeliner around and touchup whenever necessary. 

This ONE KIT is all you need to achieve any type of look you desire. From natural, to wispy volume and dramatic…our kit contains 3 PAIRS of lashes, giving you the flexibility to choose what style suits your look the best on whatever day or event! Reusable over 50 TIMES!!

You know how there’re some eyelashes even if u wear them it’s quite unnoticeable and it doesn’t make much of a difference in your look. All 3 PAIRS of eyelashes are individually handcrafted with top quality materials, with excellent curvature to the human eye anatomy and it’s perfect for any occasion.

One kit contains 3 pairs of lashes + 1 bottle eyeliner + 1 lash applicator in the most gorgeous shade of Rose Gold!

Our eyeliner can be used on its own as a cosmetic eyeliner or as a lash magnet glue. It’s formulated for even the most sensitive of skins! It contains a precise brush tip that allows you to draw and shape your eyeliner seamlessly. It contains up to 70% more magnetic particles than the average magnetic eyeliner available in the market out there 🤩

Our applicator has a good ergonomic grip which makes it super easy for you to pickup, place and wear the lashes, even for beginners!

Our lashes are crafted for optimal holding power, with 10 magnets specifically to ensure it stays on our eyes firmly without dropping off. It snaps onto your eyes like magic!

✔️ Simple, quickly and easy to apply in seconds

✔️ Remove using normal makeup remover/wipes

✔️ Waterproof/Smudgeproof/Wind-proof Eyeliner

✔️ No glue required perfect for those who are sensitive and reduce the occurrence of skin irritation

✔️ Long-lasting hold

✔️ Blends well with your natural lash

✔️ No damage or harmful ingredients 

How amazing are the designs😍

Real life lashes are true to image. It’s really that pretty!

Super high quality and crafted with premium ingredients!!

Long lasting and durable...Each pair is reusable more than 50 TIMES with proper care!!Not your typical normal strip lash, just look at the quality, layers and volume of these lashes!This is an exclusive handcrafted product only available from us 👍🏻 Our kit makes having pretty lashes so much more economical and super simple!

Voluminous & Cruelty-Free 🐰

Brand new in package 💯

Self manufactured

Handmade & Reusable

Efficient Shipping

Quality assured!

I only sell what I use ✔️


$39.90/Kit or $59.90/Kit+Lash Curler

Click here to view lash curler

1 Kit includes:

  • 1 pair of Natural Magnetic Lashes
  • 1 pair of Wispy Magnetic Lashes
  • 1 pair of Dramatic Magnetic Lashes
  • 1 bottle Black Eyeliner (Rose Gold)
  • 1 Lash Applicator (Rose Gold)
  • Packaging Box (lash holder)

Color:Jet Black

: Mixed (Natural, Wispy, Dramatic)

Natural - Perfect for the daily use and wear

Wispy - Gives the wispy layered look! Similar to the kimk lash effect you receive during lash extensions!

Dramatic - The most voluminous effect. Perfect for special occasions and events! Looks amazing when paired with eyeshadow gradients. 


How to apply?

1) Shake the bottle of eyeliner well before use (at least 10-20 times)

2) Apply 2-3 layers of eyeliner to your eyelids

3) Wait a couple seconds for it to partially dry to become semi matte

4) Simply apply your false lashes from inner to outer corners using the provided applicator. It’s so simple, the magnetics on the lashes will make it snap on quick and easy.

How to reapply?

Once you’ve removed the lashes, to reattach them, please apply a new coat of eyeliner before reattaching. This ensures maximum holding power.


How to remove?

1) Take your index finger and thumb and gently slide the lashes away from your eyeliner

2) Place the lashes back into the packaging box to reuse in the future

3) Remove eyeliner by using lip or eye makeup remover, our makeup remover pads, our foam cleanser or micellar water

It comes off easily! No struggle or need for additional products.  

* Fibers are softer, lighter and more durable than synthetic lashes 

* Very flexible, blends naturally

* Durable Highly flexible lash band

* Each lash is carefully hand crafted and may differ slightly from photos