Makeup Remover Cleansing Hydrating Pads

Cleansing Wipes Moisturising Nourishing!

A easy-to-use makeup remover, specially for eyelashes, eyelids area.

Remove your stubborn eye makeup with one swipe!!

2-in-1 pad and removal solution

Brand new in package air tight sealed and instock 💯

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Self manufactured

Quality assured!

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Makeup remover pad inclusive of cleansing solution.


30 pads/bottle - $18

Color: White

Material: Airtight sealed jar

Dimension: 6 x 7.1 x 6.5 cm 

Formulated for sensitive skin. Very gentle on skin.

Ergonomic shape to clean eye makeup off very easily.

Able to remove even the most stubborn mascara, eyeliner... Lint-free pads soaked in gentle cleansing solution make these wipes perfect for everyday use! Simply swipe to refresh your skin, remove your eye and face makeup! Super easy Lint-free cotton pads

Easy to use

Lint-free pads

100% oil free

Leakproof Container

Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

Paraben Free

PhD Chemist Approved


.Glycosyl Trehalose :
Keeps the skin hydrated, improves dry of the skin, dehydrated and dull skin, and improves the protection of the cuticle.
.Green Tea Extraction :
Anti-aging effect 
.Chamomile Extraction :
Conditioning dry and sensitive skin, also calming and soothing effects
.Vitamin B5 : 
Moist effect and anti-inflammatory effect, won't irritate to skin and can reduce symptoms of irritated skin.
.Tremella Fuciformis Extraction : 
Moisturizing effect, which can enhance skin hydration.

Gently sweep over eye area, face and neck until skin is clean of makeup, dirt and oil.



LASHPIRE® products are: 

- Individually handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality

- Environmentally conscious

- Latex-Free

- Cruelty-Free

- Formaldehyde-Free

- Toxin Free

- Upholding highest hygiene standards