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Mani in a sec

NAILPIRE® is created with the foundational belief that having salon-quality nails should be easily attainable and readily accessible! Achieve your manicure in a second at an affordable price point.

Having gorgeous luxurious looking nails shouldn't cost a bomb and it shouldn't take up too much time.

NAILPIRE® is created with the foundational belief that having salon-quality nails should be easily attainable and readily accessible! Achieve your manicure in a second at an affordable price point.

We are huge fans of getting our nails done at the nail salon, but there are times where we just need to beautify our nails, pronto! For everyday wear or for an event. Maybe you're short on time, maybe you don't have the spare cash to get them professionally done, maybe you just enjoy a fun diy project of your own! We all know how costly a manicure can be, the upkeep, the maintenance, extra designs, overlay, extensions, the more you do, the higher it costs!! And it’s also very time-consuming. There are days when you just want a quick easy fix to achieve salon quality nails! That’s where we come in. We are here for you!

Why did I create Nailpire?

"In my case, the main reason why I founded Nailpire is because I struggle to get my nails professionally done at the salon.

I constantly suffer from allergic reactions to salon nail gel and UV lighting. Anytime I went for a manicure or nail extensions, my entire cuticle area would flare up and itchy blisters would form around my nail tips. It has been a huge struggle for me. I always wanted to have gorgeous looking nails with all those fabulous designs but I was never able to due to my condition. Especially even for special occasions like V'day, X'mas, New Year, CNY and even my birthday :'(

So I was stuck with the option of having bare looking nails (yes, I'm a nail-bitter which makes it having bare natural nails look even worse). Or painting it with normal polish (which doesn't look any better as my naturals are pretty much non-existent and it smudges, it doesn't last, it’ll chip off within days and I’ll need to redo or remove the whole set). 

Regular Gel manis or extensions were an absolutely pain and hassle to remove!! I dread the removal process. It always caused some kind of damage to my natural nails and nail beds…

I've tried using many types of Press-on nails available in the industry but they always had these common issues:

1) Pop off, snap or break so easily. Those nails weren't durable. They were made of thin, filmsy plastic that is so weak. Many of us do not have the luxury of NOT doing housework. Nailpire nails have been extra reinforced at the stress points to withstand these manual tasks and prevent breakage.

2) Many of the sets would only contain 10-12 pieces of nails, so I didn't have a choice in choosing the right nail size that actually fits. Sizing issues..I would end up with sets looking too big or small for my natural didn't blend well.

3) Many of the sets would only contain either the glue sticker tabs or the liquid glue. We offer both choices in all of our nail kits! Nailpire liquid glue is super compact and you can carry it all around and touchup reapply as an when you need…it’ll be as good as new ;)

4) Designs were usually really boring, dated, basic and "safe". Usually a plain colour with no extra gems. It didn't exude the "gel polish" "acrylic extensions" "3D" fresh-outta-nail-salon kinda look that I wanted. Nailpire nails are all crafted handmade with you in mind, extremely one-of-a-kind and super customised! 

5) Many of the press on nails I tried would easily chip in colour or the embellishments would drop off leaving a hole in the nail, which wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing. For Nailpire nails, we use the newest technology to ensure the strength and longevity of the colour and gems. 

Thus, I've came up with a solution - NAILPIRE® Mani in a sec

We've decided to create a one stop venue here at to allow EVERYONE to get all of your press-on nails here. Quick, easy and simple to apply and remove! We promise only ig-worthy designs and premium quality nails you can achieve easily in the comfort of our own home, at our own pace! 

I am proud to say that we offer one of the most extensive nail kits and tool sets available. We've tons of designs and constantly update to ensure only the latest, most on-trend designs are on our website.

Yes I know your fear..What if the nails I receive do not look like the images on our website??!!

All images are taken by US #copyrighted firsthand by our team of photographers. (Unless otherwise stated) All nail designs are handmade and designed by nail artists with the most advanced technology available in 2023!

We take absolute care when it comes to depicting our products in photos. Zero edits. We do our best to display our products in their truest and most realistic form and colour. 

What you see is truly what you'll receive!"

We understand the importance of quality, precision, hygiene and safety.

After many meticulous rounds of testing, researching and development, and most important, actually working with nail artists, nail designers, we have developed a whole range of products that have amazing quality and are effective in usage. Made with love, Tried, Tested and Proven. By people who have been in the industry and know exactly what works best!


  • We are a registered company in Singapore with a corporate presence. From ordering, to packaging, to shipping, we ensure a seamless and professional experience!
  • We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You may shop with us from anywhere around the globe at any time!
  • Our products are self designed and made in-house directly from our factory!
  • Extremely fast shipping. We dispatch all orders within 24 hours. We offer same day/next day doorstep delivery service. You can opt to pick up the same day too!
  • Hassle-free, easy to navigate top notch shopping system for you
  • Fast Replies! We reply all enquiries within the given timeframe of 12 hours.
  • We are available on WhatsApp to chat with you in regards to any enquiries you may have 24/7. Please drop us a msg at +65 86888645
  • We update our inventory with the latest styles and creations regularly.
  • We want all our shoppers to be happy and satisfied customers! Customer satisfaction and provide high quality service is paramount to us.
  • We are able to connect with you via live chat! Feel free to chat with us by clicking on the the live chat icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Easy navigation! We provide a top-notch shopping system to ensure that our shoppers can track & view their orders easily.
  • Keepin’ it real. Our customers are our friends! We value each and every one of you!

Making an impact and a difference 

We believe in giving back to our community and helping those around us, especially the less fortunate who need it the most. Therefore, here at Nailpire, our founder has pledged to give a percentage of revenue to her charities of choice. We are more than just a beauty company. This has been a value and belief system that our organisation has instilled from the very beginning and supporting causes that can impact lives is something our founder is truly passionate about. Helping the elderly, children, focusing on pressing issues like mental health, education, hunger are things our founder has always continue to spread awareness on, way before even starting Nailpire and is something our founder will like to continue with. 

Our professional nail artists and workers are people from truly all walks of life - single moms, students, working women, women, men, male nail artists…all with a common love for nails and manis! We offer a stable and conducive environment for them to grow and thrive in. Our mission is to encourage and support people who have a passion in beauty, doing nail designs, creating new styles to improve their skills/gain new skill sets to be able to pursue their career that they’ve always wanted and to become financially independent - be it getting more education, upgrading skills, achieving milestones to help their family, improve their training etc. Many of them do this as a full time living and they are so blessed to be able to do what they love. Thank you for your support! 

Thanks for visiting this site! We hope you love.

We promise an enjoyable , hassle-free and personal shopping experience.





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