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Become Our Brand Ambassador

Here at LASHPIRE® , we’re constantly on the look out for new and exciting partnerships! We welcome other lash artists, salon owners and home-based businesses from both locally (based in Singapore) and overseas who wish to use our products! Wether you in a salon or your home studio, we welcome you to enjoy our products and offer your clients the best at a wholesale price!

LASHPIRE® is a direct-from-factory lash manufacturer and supplier, we are able to supply in bulk to distributors, salon owners and lash technicians who are keen to use and stock our products. We offer exclusive discounts for all our products, specially only for our brand ambassadors!

If you’re interested in working with us and using our products, do contact us at and include your social media handles.

We require a min. of 1k social media followers on your personal/lash IG. We may review case by case if it’s less than that. You have to be active on social media and be present and passionate about the lashing industry.


  • EXCLUSIVE PRICING: All Brand Ambassadors will receive exclusive discounts on all of Lashpire products. Enjoy the products you love at the best prices!
  • RECOGNITION: You and your work will be featured our social media channels and May even on our website. Which helps you to gain followers, recognition and clientele, which will help to build your reputation as a top quality lash technician.
  • TRY NEW PRODUCTS: You'll have the first-hand opportunity to try out our brand new products, and give your valuable feedback!
  • CONTRIBUTE: We'll be asking you for some creative ideas on new ventures for the company, like what new products you want to see launched next etc. Get involved and get the products that you like!
  • FREE GOODIES: You’ll be the first to be in the know whenever you have new products and we’ll send you samples and things to try etc.  
  • PRIORITY SHIPPING: Your items will always be prioritised over all other orders, getting the item from our warehouse straight to your door will be the most important thing