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OEM/Private Label

Do you wish to start your own eyelash extensions brand and have your own label on all of your own products?

We will be glad to help you!

LASHPIRE® is a local Singaporean brand and we ship directly from Singapore. We specialize in Eyelash Extension Supplies and Beauty Products. We produce our products in-house to provide you with the necessary tools and lashes at the best price. Our entire product range is self-formulated with the highest standards in regards to health, safety and quality. We recommend you to already be an existing customer or to order our products first for testing and trying before manufacturing in bulk.

If you need a supplier/manufacturer that delivers effective products at great prices with quality assured, please send us a WhatsApp at +65 86888645 or email us at 

Can you ship worldwide?

Yes we are able to produce and deliver globally our products to anywhere around the world.


What exactly is OEM?

OEM refers to private labelling. We manufacture the product in bulk for you and it is sold under your brand, home salon, beauty salon or store. 


What products can I OEM?

We offer your brand logo on all of the products listed on our website. From treatment essentials like primer, removers, foam cleansers to application items like glue, lash trays, tweezers, tools to aftercare products like sealants, serums etc. Beauty products like glue, adhesives, lashes, lash growth serums etc.


How does the OEM process work?

So firstly, you’ll contact us directly letting us know what products and lashes you wish to manufacture. We’ll work out an ideal quotation, our MOQ and pricing. Thereafter, we’ll work together to design the product - from your own branding, labels, sizing and packaging. Or if you’ve already have something specific in mind please feel free to share. Finally, we’ll proceed to manufacture the products after receiving payment. Once product is created, we will proceed to ship the item via complimentary doorstep delivery to you.

What is our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) required to ccreate my own brand?

Please contact us directly via WhatsApp at +65 86888645 and we can discuss. Rest assured we have one of the lowest Moq requirements in the industry which is amazing if you wish to carry many types of products and you’re just starting out!


Benefits of Private Label (OEM)

Creates a great branding and image for your salon and shop. It is a lot more economical for you as a lash artist/salon owner to carry your own line of products as it is cheaper to use. Also, gives you additional source of retail income as you can sell to your pre-existing and new client base. It provides a more personalised and exclusive experience for your clients. It’s a quick and effective way to grow and share with your existing customers good products that you enjoy using. 

Benefits of Manufacturing with Us

✔ Tried, tested and proven products by thousands of existing lash artists and salons locally and worldwide

✔️ Our In-house exclusive formulation

✔️ High quality control and consistent quality checks

✔️ We place an emphasis on safety and client’s eye health. Products are certified and formulated safely with actual regulated tests done on a constant basis

✔️ Experienced team of designers to ensure flexible packaging and customisation according to your needs. We’ll recommend and advice you what works best.

✔️ Personalised service. We’ll be there to guide you throughout the whole manufacturing process and be assured you can reach us anytime you have any enquiries

✔️ Proven manufacturer. There are hundreds of not thousands of factories and manufacturing facilities in the market, a lot of claims but very few actually meet the ideal ISO/ITQA requirement and hygienic standards. To avoid wasting time, energy and your valuable resources in searching, finding a suitable factory and screening through, we make the entire process easy and simple for you to start.

✔️ Low MOQ requirement = Less risk and overhead for you

✔️ Very affordable pricing. Based on our product pricing, which is listed in our website, you can already see first hand we try our best to make everything fair and affordable to purchase yet never compromising on its effectiveness and quality. 

✔️ Gives you the freedom to create your own product line without having to incur major overheads like manufacturing equipment, extensive manpower, warehousing, product creation, formulation, research teams

✔️ Affordable to start. Perfect for small businesses or startups as it allows you to allocate your funds to other aspects like marketing and brand awareness

✔️ Great for product expansion. If you are already in the beauty industry or have existing products in a similar niche, which means you have an existing target market. You can consider creating your own line and it’ll do well