Glue Pin Needle Caps for Eyelash Extensions Glue Adhesive Bottle

Imagine this scenario, what if you’re in the midst of doing lash extensions for your clients and your glue bottle is unable to dispense any glue out.

What do you do?

Stop the lash appointment? Ask the client to reschedule? Throw away the entire glue bottle?

As we all know professional glues aren’t cheap and why dispose it if the glue is still fresh, there’s still liquid and it’s still working well? Just because the nozzle is stuck/clog and perhaps needs a replacement?!

Here’s a better solution:

You can use our “Glue Pin Needle Caps” to prick the nozzle to try to unclog the nozzle. 
If your nozzle isn’t usable anymore or is too dirty and, use our “Stainless Steel Glue Adhesive Nozzle Replacement Bottle Cap Opener” to open and replace your old nozzle with our brand new “Glue Adhesive Nozzle Replacement”.


-Color: Red/Orange. random colour will be sent 
-Made of high-grade materials, our product is convenient and, long-term use.