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Superbonder Eyelash Extension Lash Super Bonder

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1 bottle (15mL) inclusive of Holo packaging - $38

3 bottles - $111

5 bottles - $185

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Weight: 58g

Scent: Odourless (No smell)

Consistency: Liquid water like

Colour: Interior - Clear liquid/Exterior - Pink ombré (as shown in images)

Looking for a product that helps to increase lash retention by up to 50%, reduce eye sensitivities, reduce allergic reactions and allows your clients to get their lashes wet asap after application (without needing to wait for 24-48 hours)??

Presenting to you our latest product - LASHPIRE® Eyelash Extensions Superbonder
Available in a bigger 15ml volume now for maximum usage without any $$ increase!! Comes in a gorgeous gradient pink with rose gold finish! Can be used with ANY brand/type of lash extensions glue. 

Our superbonder improves the bonding speed, glue bonding degree, allows the glue to set immediately. Our bonder increases retention tremendously and instantly accelerates glue curing. Instead of waiting for the usual 24 hours for glue to dry, our bonder instantly cures the lash glue within 3 minutes of being applied. Our bonder helps to reduce glue fumes and minimise sensitivities and reduce allergic reactions caused by glue fumes. Our bonder forms a protective film on your lash extensions protecting them and prevents premature shedding. Oil proof, waterproof and sweat proof. No harmful chemicals, fragrances or weird smells.
Suitable to use with lash extensions/lash lift/lash tint.

LASHPIRE® Eyelash Extensions Superbonder is specially formulated to:

✔️ Maximises lash retention
✔️ Speeds up glue drying time
✔️ Accelerates glue’s curing process without any shock curing or creating white bloom effect
✔️ Seals adhesive effectively and efficiently
✔️ Adds elasticity to lash glue’s bonding points, making the bonds more flexible, resulting in better retention
✔️ Function as a protective barrier against moisture, sweat, dirt
✔️ Reduces watery eyes, sensitivities, allergic reactions and irritations
✔️ Allows clients to wet their lashes after treatment without waiting


👉🏻 Superbonder instantly polymerizes glue adhesives, locking in the fumes. Keep your clients happy with no red eyes and achieve THAT ideal retention by applying our bonder as your last step! See the difference in your sets and outcome <3


1Before applying eyelash extensions (Pre-treatment)

Apply evenly on your client’s natural lashes leaving a 1-2mm distance from roots for easy quick application and improve the adhesion and bonding speed.

2After eyelash extensions (Post-treatment)

After applying your final lash extension, fan dry the lashes for 2-3 mins. Then use 2 micro brushes to apply our bonder along the lash line focusing on the roots of the extensions.

Remember to only apply a small amount and focus on the bonding point of the glue and roots of the extensions.

Fan dry/Air dry for additional 3 minutes. After the three minutes are up, the bond will be completely sealed. 



Can be applied on your client’s natural lashes (prior to lash extensions application). Helps to improve bonding of natural lashes to the extensions, prevents lashes from twisting, slipping or slidding during application. 

Can be used as a superbonder after lash extensions application for lash reinforcement and increase lash retention up to 50%!! 


LASHPIRE® products are: 

- Individually handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality

- Environmentally conscious

- Latex-Free

- Cruelty-Free

- Formaldehyde-Free

- Toxin Free

- Upholding highest hygiene standards