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Strip Eyelash Tweezer Lash Applicator - Rose Gold

Brand new in package, individually packed and sealed for hygiene purposes! INSTOCK 💯

Self manufactured, you won’t find anywhere else!

Super high quality Ultra precision and grip

Efficient Shipping

Hand-tested Quality assured! I only sell what I use ✔️

LASHPIRE® Lash Applicator - Made with tremendous effort after meticulous amounts of testing and trying all sorts of eyelash tools out there in the market, we’re glad to produce this for all sisters! Affordable and premium quality 👍🏻

A sleek, ergonomic, ultra precise lightweight eyelash application tool.

Applying False Lashes should be easy! 

Let our ergonomic finger-friendly applicator is specially designed to allow you to be able to grip the lashes and apply them onto your natural lashes firmly and steadily! It's crafted with high-end stainless steel with 24K gold plating to ensure long-lasting durability and it is so aesthetically pleasing!

Do not settle for anything less than high quality metals! 

Lightweight and comfy, fits your fingers perfectly!

Multi purpose usage!

Portable and easy to carry

The MOST gorgeous rose shade! Looks super good in real life

Color: Rose Gold

Material: Stainless Steel


10.7*1.8 cm

A lash tool that makes applying false lashes super easy and precise!

Apply our false strip lashes in a blink of an eye with our latest tool, perfect for both the beginner lash wearer and advanced master lash babe. Superior hold and easy wear!

Tweezers are made of the finest stainless steel, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, wear-resistant, hardness strengthened. These tweezers resistant to most acids and other corrosive agents.

Each tweezer applicator comes with protective casing!



LASHPIRE® products are: 

- Individually handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality

- Environmentally conscious

- Latex-Free

- Cruelty-Free

- Formaldehyde-Free

- Toxin Free

- Upholding highest hygiene standards