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(MARKDOWNS) Eyelash Extensions Glue - LASHPIRE® Premium Label

This is a markdown product. 

“All the products in the Markdowns collection include items that aren’t in 100% perfect condition, didn’t pass our quality control and not up to our standards so we can’t sell at full price. We take pride in quality and have extremely high standards, thus products that have minimal defects will be in this collection. Defects may include aesthetics, printing, color, alignment, logo etc. issues. Defect forglues - as you know, we only produce our glues in small batches each month and once it’s past that month we dispose it. However many of you have been requesting for practice glues or glues to use for training or on lash models. Our glues in the markdown collection are not the newest batch but are still usable not spoilt. It may not be the freshest and functions the best. Defects may include formula or aesthetics packaging etc. If you can accept it and like good deals it’ll be a steal! All items are unopened, brand new and packaged!


New formula bigger packaging 🙌🏻

Formulated for Sensitive Eyes Low Fumes Exclusive Formula Long Lasting No Stinging No Harmful Chemicals

As lash artists, we spend long hours working with Lash Glues which can be problematic to our health due to constant inhalation of the fumes and chemicals found in glue adhesive. Using the wrong type of Lash Glues can be very harmful to the health of both the lash artist and client. For lash artists, most glues available in the market can cause allergies such as runny nose, teary eye symptoms. For the clients, it can cause the stinging, “spicy”, itchy feeling

We understand this concerns, thus all of our glues are self-formulated in-house.

We remove the main components and eliminate chemicals that cause this issues. All of our professional eyelash extension glues do not contain any funky preservatives and extra ingredients that are harmful to our eye and lash health.

LASHPIRE® Eyelash Extension Glues:
✔️ Are Hypoallergenic, Waterproof, Oil Resistant
✔️ Works with clients that have oily eyelids/clients that have watery eyes
✔️ Are Latex and formaldehyde free
✔️ No parabens, sulfates or harmful odours/chemicals 
✔️ Low Fumes
✔️ Quality Assured - Our Lash Glues are of the highest premium quality, complying to the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, produced under American ITQA approved medical standards
✔️ MSDS and SGS tested
✔️ Suitable for Singapore’s climate and humidity
✔️ Perfect for beginner to advanced lash artists

It is extremely important to invest in the right type of glue for your own health and your clients’ best interests 👍🏻

Fresh new batch direct from our factory for best results

Not sensitive to humidity able to work well in Singapore’s climate ✔️

Brand new in package, individually packed and sealed for hygiene purposes!💯

Self formulated you won’t find anywhere else!

Super high quality gd consistency.

Our packaging is super professional & pretty in real life

Efficient Shipping

I only sell what I use ✔️

LASHPIRE® glue is a MAGIC creation. You cannot find it anywhere else. It’s our proprietary formula. Created with tremendous effort after meticulous amounts of testing and trying all sorts of eyelash glues out there in the market, we’re glad to produce this for all sisters!

Affordable and premium quality 👍🏻

We guarantee it’s safe for sensitive eyes and no tears or burning sensation.

No discomfort. No weird artificial smell, harmful or unknown chemicals. No long drying time. Tried and proven. Formulated for Long lasting results with no tearing or stinging sensation!

Try it and you’ll know how amazing our glues are 🤗

LASHPIRE® Glue Premium label series -

Drying time - 1-2 seconds (Suitable for beginners)

Ideal temperature - 23 to 27 degrees celsius
Ideal humidity - 55 to 65%


1 package - $25 (MARKDOWN)

One package comes with:

1) Glue Bottle (12g)

2) Silica gel packet

3) Glue nozzle replacement

4) Glue pin

LASHPIRE® glues are latex-free, formaldehyde-free, no parabens or harmful chemicals.

We recommend using straight away once ordered to ensure optimum freshness. Please remember to shake well for at least 60secs each time before use. Geared towards beginner and experienced Lash Techs. Recommended for professional use only. 

✔️ Drying time: 1-2 seconds

Usage Type:Professional eyelash extensions use/Can hold lashes for more than one day

Adhesive can be used for:

  • Classic Lash Sets (recommended)
  • YY/W/Spikes (recommended)
  • Hybrid Lash Sets (recommended)
  • Handmade Volume Lash Sets (recommended, if you like faster drying time is better to use our Black label glue)
  • Pre-Made Volume Lash Sets (recommended)
  • Promade Volume Lash Sets (recommended)

For best retention:

Please shake bottle at least 1 minute before each use. Use a electronic glue shaker if possible to ensure mixture is well mixed. 

Burp your glue bottle, get rid of the first drop of glue; do not use it as first drop isn’t always the freshest. 

Change your glue drop every 10-20 minutes. Use a fresh new drop on a new surface/ use a new glue ring. 

Remember to always clean your glue nozzle with lint-free wipes and close cap tightly.

Store your glue bottles in an airtight container. Click here to view our containers. 

✔️ Recommended touse anew bottle of glue every 30 days once opened to ensure it’s freshness, strength and functionality.

 Note: As how effective and well your glue may function depends on many external factors such as prior training, techniques, skill, environment, storage, application etc. We strictly do not allow refunds or exchanges for our lash glue. Rest assured we do our best to manufacture our glues in small batches, store in optimum environments, to ensure the highest quality control, preserve freshness and effectiveness.

LASHPIRE® products are: 

- Individually handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality

- Environmentally conscious

- Latex-Free

- Cruelty-Free

- Formaldehyde-Free

- Toxin Free

- Upholding highest hygiene standards