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Mannequin Head

Brand new in package and instock 💯

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Self manufactured to ensure quality, mannequin crafted in a way that mimics real human eye depths & give you the most realistic way of practicising

Quality assured!

I only sell what I use ✔️

Mannequin head - $30/pc

Training lash - click here

A set 1 head+1 box of training lashes - click here

A set of 1 mannequin head+1 box training lashes+1 lash tray - click here

Color: as shown


PVC soft silicone


24.3 * 10.5 * 9.8 cm

I’ve tested many mannequin heads and training lashes and this is honestly the easiest to use shape wise and really great quality 💯  

The shape and texture are similar to a human, so it will be a great practice tool transitioning from using the training head to your actual clients.

It’s waterproof, environmentally friendly and durable and easy to remove any glue stains or residue

Great for beginners or even long term lash technicians to train and practice!

The head is waterproof, long lasting and usually used as a human head model.

The training eyelashes are reusable and can be stuck on the eye area of head to imitate human eyelashes and we can practice lashes extensions or making false strip eyelashes using this combo 👌🏻

The bottom is designed with a flat bottom, which is stable during practice, similar to practicing extensions on a real client. 



LASHPIRE® products are: 

- Individually handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality

- Environmentally conscious

- Latex-Free

- Cruelty-Free

- Formaldehyde-Free

- Toxin Free

- Upholding highest hygiene standards