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LASHPIRE® Custom Handmade Strip Lashes | Natural Classic - D Curl (Long)

LASHPIRE® Handmade custom bespoke lashes made by yours truly 😃

NOT your everyday factory machine made strip lashes!!

Achieve the look of eyelash extensions at a fraction of the cost!! 

Perfect for a fuller everyday look and also a dramatic night look...makes your eyes stand out! And most importantly our custom lashes are reusable, can be used multiple times!

Made with our in-house premium lashes that are super lightweight, durable and fluffy! Custom made at a fraction of the costs done in the salon! Helps save your time and money!

Personalised stick on lashes are perfect for us lash Addicts who still want to have lashes while in isolation! Created using the same lash extensions and technique we apply at your lash appointments but on a stick on lash, so you can have the exact look you always wear!! 

Each set takes hours to be done, each lash is made strand by strand for perfection! Can be reused multiple times with care.

Each Custom Made Strip Lashes is made to order and may not be exactly identical to product images, so only order if acceptable.

Lead time to make each pair is 3 to 5 Business Days (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Voluminous & Cruelty-Free 🐰

Brand new in package, well packed individually for hygiene purposes 💯

Self manufactured

Handmade & Reusable

Quality assured!

Individually packed for hygiene

I only sell what I use ✔️

Style: As shown 

* Each individual pair comes with free eyelash tray + box packaging + eyelash brush

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