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False Eyelash Debonder/Nail Glue Remover Liquid Debonder Eyelash Extension Glue Remover

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Can be used to:

1) Remove nail glue for false nail/rhinestones

2) Remove glue from tweezer and tools

3) Remove false lash eyelash extensions Advisable to use debonber to remove only few strands of eyelash extensions.

To remove eyelash extensions, I recommend using our cream/gel removers here

10ml/bottle with brush - $10


1. This adhesive removes extremely fast and gentle on the eyes and only requires a minimal amount

2. It nourishes the natural lashes as it effectively dissolves the adhesive bond, effortlessly removing the extensions

3. Formulated to gently dissolve adhesive so you can remove extension lashes without affecting your real lashes.

4. It is gentle on skin and lashes.

5. It targets only the adhesive while leaving lashes and skin soft and conditioned.

6. Quickly dissolves adhesive in the safest, easiest way.

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