Electronic Nanomister Atomizer Humidifier Handy Facial Sprayer - Pink

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LASHPIRE® Nanomister Spray is a rechargeable hand-held device which has a multi purpose usage. It can be used as a face mist and also a lash extension curing device. It cures the lashes a lot quicker and more evenly right after application which saves your client a lot of hassle of not being able to touch water.

Using a nanomister after the application process helps to reduce sensitivities and prevent any stinging and burning sensations your client may experience. It uses ultrasonic wave shock technology to convert water into a nanometer scale for deeper penetration and absorption.

Directions for use

After applying your final lash extension, fan dry the lashes for 2-3 mins. 
If you use bonder/sealant, wait for 2-3 minutes too before using your nanomister. 

Then, fill the nano mister funnel with distilled/filtered water. Hold the Nano Mister roughly 30cm away from eyes and move from eye to eye for about 15 seconds total. Do not use Nano Mister too close to the eyes, as we don’t want the eyes to get soaked with water or cause any shock curing. Keep nano mister in an upright standing position when filled with water.

How to clean

Empty water from Nano Mister.

Place upside down on paper towel or towel and let it air dry until next use.

Pro Tip

Add some liquid bonder with distilled water into the water tank to cure the glue in lash set faster 😉

Moisturizing & Hydrating

  • 【Nano Streamer】:This facial streamer uses nano-fine spray, atomized design for fast absorption, rich and delicate water mist, evenly sprayed all over the face, so that hydration directly to nourish the skin, to achieve rapid hydration.
  • 【30ml water tank:】 This portable nano facial sprayer features a large-capacity 30ml water tank with a transparent visualization design that makes it easy for you to see the remaining amount.
  • 【Compact Design】:This mini facial streamer device is designed to be compact and portable, not taking up much space. Size 6.3 * 1.65 * 1.65 inches, can be placed in the bag to carry around, hydrate anywhere, let the skin drink water. Pink and white design, simple and elegant, youthful and beautiful.
  • 【Widely use】: This nano facial sprayer is designed with usb charging. When adding liquid, do not be too full, so that the sprayer effect is better; you can add perfume, milk, alcohol for other purposes, just explore on your own.You can also clean your screen by simply spraying a little alcohol on your phone, computer, or iPad screen to remove dirt.
  • 【Occasions】: This nano facial mister is suitable for use in the bathroom at home, at work, during travel, and on business trips. The flexible detachable design for easy storage .


LASHPIRE® Nanomister - In the box you'll get :

1 x Nano Spray

1 x USB Charge Cord

1 x Water Funnel 

Color: Pink (as shown)
Water tank capacity 30ml
Product size 3*10.5 (R*H) cm