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Disposable Non-woven Massage Spa Eyelash Extensions Bed Cover Sheet

New and improved bed protection sheet!
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Self manufactured

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Provide a hygienic and sanitary environment for your guests and customers in your workspace! Provide additional coverage and protection for your bed sheet and pillow cover during each appointment! Neat, tidy and fuss-free!

Hygiene packaging 

Selling at $12 for 10 sheets (1 packet)

30 sheets for $33

50 sheets for $50

100 sheets for $85

Size of one sheet - 80x180cm

Each sheet can be teared out easily without the use of additional scissors/cutters as there are guide lines.


  • ☑ LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATERPROOF NON-WOVEN ROLL -- The massage paper rolls are made of soft non-woven fabric, light and breathable but sturdy, taking care of you and your client's skin seriously. It is effectively waterproof and oil-proof, providing you with a comfortable environment.
  • ☑ HYGIENIC, SAFE AND SANITARY -- The use of disposable bed sheets can effectively avoid cross-contamination, our non-woven bed cover roll is specially disinfected, comfortable and odorless, and will not cause irritation to your skin. The disposable design -- discarded after each use, more protection for you and your client's health.
  • ☑ CONVENIENT TO USE -- You do not have to waste your time and energy in washing the sheets because it is not like ordinary sheets need to be washed repeatedly, each sheet after use is simply rolled up and discarded. The massage bed cover is also pre-cut, no need for any struggles to cut, very easy to use. 
  • ☑ MULTIPLE USAGES -- Each disposable sheet can be utilized in many different ways. Great for multi-purpose, home, professionals, massage tables, spa, facial and exam beds, hospital exam table, chiropractor and physical therapy tables, Esthetician, Lash, Brow, Wax, Tattoo bed.