Disinfection Sterilization Tray Storage Box

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$25/box brand new packaged


Package Size(LxWxH): approx. 22.5x12.5x7.8 cm/ 8.86x4.92x3.07inch
Color :White/Transparent

Hygiene is so important!

It’s important to maintain clean sanitary tools to provide your clients with the best possible experience ✔️

Removal all traces of adhesive, dirt, gel, debris. After soaking the tools in warm soapy antibacterial water, rinse and soak tools in hospital grade disinfectant for 10 minutes. eg alcohol or barbacide. Rinse and air dry on clean paper towel. Once tweezers are dry, store in their tweezer pouch or case.



LASHPIRE® products are: 

- Individually handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality

- Environmentally conscious

- Latex-Free

- Cruelty-Free

- Formaldehyde-Free

- Toxin Free

- Upholding highest hygiene standards