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Cleansing Rinsing Water Bottle - 250mL

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Material: PE (bottle body) + PP (bottle cover)
Capacity: 250ml
Dimension: 6×6×18cm
Color: Transparent Matte

Brand new PE material, safe and environmentally friendly, no odor, soft and translucent body, pointed mouth design, easy to control the amount of water volume dispensed, better control the direction of water flow, compact and lightweight, easy to store! Multi-uses

Simply fill bottle up distilled water or saline water and gently rinse off the cleanser from your clients eyelashes using this soft squeeze angled nozzle bottle. Helps control were you place the water and avoid unwanted spillages.

PE body for flexibility, elasticity, and impact, stress-cracking, and moisture resistance, and is lightweight.
Screw closure with its angled stem and draw tube molded in one piece for leak-proof applications. Perfect tool for lash baths and a must have for every salon! Can be used for professional and personal use



LASHPIRE® products are: 

- Individually handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality

- Environmentally conscious

- Latex-Free

- Cruelty-Free

- Formaldehyde-Free

- Toxin Free

- Upholding highest hygiene standards