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6D Promade Handmade Loose Volume Fans MIX LENGTH Pre-made Loose Fans

1000 handmade fans per box!! Super economical! Allowing you to save so much time & $$$ per client 

ONE box can complete up to 10 LASH SETS 😍

Our latest Promade loose fans are an absolute dream come true for every lash artist! All the assorted lengths you need to create that gorgeous volume lash set, fitted into one compact box!! ONE box is all you need to achieve that volume set! How amazing is that?! No more struggling to sort out your lengths and finding boxes to contain your lash fans - we make it simple & easy for you! 

100% hand made by lash artists for lash artists

”I remembered when I just started lashing, I struggled during my volume sets, it was tough and super time-consuming hand making each fan and I didn’t want to make my clients wait too long for their set to be complete!

I was looking for ready made volume fans that could help speed up my lash application time and on days when I was unable to hand make each fan individually. Especially as beginners, it’s so important to offer a wider style range for your clients, but you’re not super confident in hand-making them on the spot and with time constraints, premades are a great solution!

Most importantly, I really wanted my Premade fans to have certain qualities such as:

  • Thin, sharp pointy base that is easy to apply
  • Wide fluffy fans
  • Superior stable curl
  • No thick bases with chunky glue
  • Sharp pointy bases to allow great attachment!
  • Amazing insane retention  
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Darkest jet black lashes
  • High quality - the fans won’t fall apart when I pick them up using my tweezers
  • 100% Hand made fans to create that Russian volume lash set outcome
  • Economical, cost-effective!
  • Practical packaging, easy to store and access

It was always IMPOSSIBLE to find anything close out there in the lash industry!

It’s a lot of qualities I was looking for BUT I knew it waspossible to meet ALL the qualities with the righttechniques and the right products! I really wanted to only create and produce theBEST handmade fans beforesharing it with all of you! 

I know exactly how you feel, especially as a beginner lash artist/an advanced lash artist that needs to speed up application time to serve more clients!

I wish back then when I started; there was a box kit like this that contained everything I needed to complete my lash sets!!

Therefore, I decided to create it. After much trial and research, presenting our latest promade range! I hope this helps you!”


LASHPIRE® Professional Eyelash Extensions luxury line.

Made with love 

♥ Tried, Tested and Proven by Lash Technicians, specially for you.

Perfect for creating pretty volume lash sets! Easy to apply and customize according to you and what your client desires.

Brand new and freshly made 🇸🇬
Speed up your eyelash extensions application time!
Custom handmade specifically FOR YOU by professional technicians 😊
Not done by machine. Brand new and Instock!
All crafted using highest quality in house lashes and glue 💕
Achieve the most amazing results for your clients within the shortest amount of time 🙌🏻 Great for beginners and those who wish to work effectively

Thin base wide fans 😱

Mix length all in one lightweight, portable box!

LASHPIRE® 6D Premade Volume Lashes are 6 individual lashes joined together at the base that can be applied to a single natural lash to give a fuller, more voluminous look. They’re great for clients with sparse natural lashes or simply used to reduce application time. Our pro-made lashes are bonded together without any clumps of glue at the base like you’ll find in other fans.

Speed up your eyelash extensions application time! Ready made Volume fans. Thin fluffy, No thick bulky bases.

+ Speeding up the process of applying the lashes, Quickly and effectively tripling the volume and amount of clients you can take

+ Ultra-light weight, superior curl retention, jet black color

+ Wide fluffy fans

+ Ultra-light weight, superior curl retention with radiant shine. Dark black color lash for fuller application.

+ Knot-free, with a very short and THIN base almost invisible, achieveable only by handmade.


Comes packaged in box labelled with specific lengths

+ Curl: C-curl or CC-curl or D-curl

+ Lengths available: 9-15mm

+ Type: Mix length (one box 7 lengths one curl)

+ Style: 6D Volume mix length tray

refer to image for reference

+ in total around 1000 handmade loose volume fans

+ 100 9mm, 100/200 10mm, 200 11mm, 200 12mm, 100/200 13mm, 100 14mm, 100 15mm

+ Thickness/Diameter: 0.07mm

+ Perfect for: Volume application


*Note: Due to our Promade fans being a 100% hand made product, not all fans will be created equally the same. There may be inconsistencies and it’s not considered as a defect. As much as we’ll try our best to ensure uniformity, it is still human not machine work. We try our best to produce this for you in bulk at the best economical price. Only place an order if it’s acceptable for you.

Bolder Darker color. Able to create super soft, fluffy, full beautiful lashes. Lightweight and easy to apply! Achieve the most amazing results for your clients within the shortest amount of time 🙌🏻  Great for beginners and those who wish to work effectively!

5 advantages of

LASHPIRE® Eyelash Extensions over conventional eyelashes:

- lasts longer

- increase application time

- lightweight and comfortable

- stable curl and durable wear

- high quality lash fibers

Our Eyelash Extensions comes in variety of diameters, curls and lengths to provide a rich and voluminous effect. 

LASHPIRE® Eyelash Extensions are jet black color which blends naturally to human natural lashes.

LASHPIRE® Eyelash Extensions are voluminous with high density, yet super lightweight and comfortable to wear! Our lashes hold the curl throughout the wear, you can be sure of impeccable results for the weeks to come.

Not the typical type of lash trays with easy to break box casing, hard to peel strips and lashes that easily fall apart and loose shape...

LASHPIRE® Eyelash Extensions are crafted from high quality raw materials, from our packaging to the quality standard of each individual lash, we pay attention to every detail! Try it to see the difference! Increase your application time and client retention! Provide the best to your clients, our lashes are comfortable to wear, no irritation or allergies. 


LASHPIRE® products are: 

- Individually handcrafted and inspected to ensure quality

- Environmentally conscious

- Latex-Free

- Cruelty-Free

- Formaldehyde-Free

- Toxin Free

- Upholding highest hygiene standards