3-in-1 Brush Set Aftercare Kit

A perfect kit to gift or prepare for your clients to take home once they’re done with doing their lashes!! Suitable for personal/home/salon usage. Great way to help your clients maintain your lashes and make them last longer. Provide this extra goody bag in their eyelash extensions post-treatment service and stand out from the crowd!

 One packet contains 3 types of brushes, great to clean, remove dirt and debris, clean makeup, brush and maintain their lashes! Keeping them fluffy and neat at home!


1 packet contains:

1x pink glitter spoolie brush

2x pink micro brushes

2x pink foam applicator brushes

Each packet comes well sealed & packaged in transparent plastic packaging!


10 packets - $15

20 packets - $28

30 packets - $39

50 packets - $60

100 packets - $110