Gel Polish Remover Lint-free Wipes

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Gel nail polish removal wipes!

Remove your gel polish in the comfort of your own home within minutes!

10 pieces - $3

20 pieces - $5

50 pieces - $10

100 pcs - $15

200 pcs (free 4pcs) - $25

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Save a lot of money and save your time!

Color: Multi

Dimension: 5*5cm

Remove your own gel nail polish in the comfort of your own home!! Fast and effective! This is a new technology that allows you to save the trouble of removing gel nails the traditional way....don’t need waste money on acetone remover, aluminium foils, cotton wool!! This product solves everything making removal clean, easy and hassle-free! Able to used multiple times, super cost effective

Suitable for professional salon and personal use

*To ensure economical shipping charges, the box will not be provided for regular shipping methods, only for doorstep delivery or self collection/pickup options only. (Only applicable for 200pcs)